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Alpaca Blankets from Otavalo, Ecuador

The items on this page have been imported from Ecuador. The proceeds are being used to help launch the Institute for Invisible Epidemics Academy. Twenty blankets arrived on January 21st and were shipped immediately.

Meanwhile, another shipment with 30 blankets is departing Ecuador now. The estimated arrival date is early Feburary. Many of the blankets in that shipment have already been reserved. A third shipment will arrive mid- to late February.

Sales of alpaca help indigenous people to continue their traditional work . . . and they provide a bit of loose change to help us move forward.

Alpacas are sheared once a year. Their fleece is as soft as cashmere and warmer than wool. The colors of most of the blankets are vibrant. The first image below is for illustrative purposes only. It shows the edges of the blanket. The other blankets are available.

Update: 30 more blankets have been ordered but they have not yet left Ecuador. These will include the new designs with elephants and Kokopelli. Scroll down.

Stripped Blankets

The blankets are 88" x 64" and are without fringes.


The following is available for immediate shipment. There are three of the brown ones and one of the orange and red.

One Available


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New Blankets

These have cleared Miami customs and are expected on the 21st of February. More blankets will be posted soon. There is another shipment clearing Ecuador export customs at this time.


These blankets will ship in late February or very early March.


Andean Blankets

These blankets are available for immediate shipping.

Dimensions: 78" x 86"

Weight: 1200 grams (thicker than the stripped blankets)



Wolves in Dreamcatcher

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